St Mary's Lighthouse. North East, England. Derwentater, looking towards Keswick from Ashness Bridge. Lake District, UK Fiona and Mark's Wedding  - 28 August 2010 Rachel and Graham's Wedding - 03 September 2011, Epsom Downs Race Course and 
RAC Club Epsom Laura and Neil's Wedding - 05 March 2011, Hare and Hounds Hotel, Costwolds near Tetbury. Fiona and Mark's Wedding  - 28 August 2010 Derwentater, looking towards Keswick during winter of 2009/2010. Sheets of ice along the shore. Lake District, UK Thirlmere covered in mist and reflection of fells covered in snow. Lake District, UK Common Blue Butterfly(Polyommatus icarus_Lycaenidae) Worker Honey Bee (apis mellifera) and Hover Fly (episyrphus bateatus) going for same flower Lady Bird / Lady Bug (coccinella septempunctata)

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