Ruby Alarcon – First Baby Portraits

Ruby on Purple_ Lighting Set UpOn 17th of April 2012, my wife gave birth to our beautiful daughter Ruby. That means I get another chance to capture some nice family baby portraits.

Well, after holding back for 5 days to settle at home with our daughter Ruby, I decided it was time to get the camera and studio kit out to get her first portraits. These are my two favourite shots; for more details on the lighting set up read on …

I put a purple blanket over a small sofa, padded it with soft cushions to shape as needed. You can see one popping out!

One Nikon SB600 flashgun with softbox as key light and a second Nikon SB600 flashgun with umbrella as fill.

After set up, the shoot took less than 20 minutes; you have to work fast with a baby so it was a case of set her up in pose, 4 – 5 frames, then cuddle with mom for a couple minutes to make sure she is still settled and move on to the next pose.

Both mom and I were very pleased with the results and I think we have our first thank you card for friends and family sorted.

Cheers, Ricardo

—–Techical Info:—–

Nikon D700, Nikon Lens 80-200mm f2.8 at 100mm, Shutter: 1/250s, Aperture: F2.8, ISO: 200.

Two Light Set Up.

Key Light – Nikon SB600 Flashguns with softbox (Flash Left) – 1/20 Power.

Fill Light – Nikon SB600 Flashguns with Umbrella (Flash Right) – 1/25 Power.

Not much difference in the power between Key and Fill, but You will notice the umbrella is facing towards the key light;The umbrella spreads enough soft light towards the subject which I found gave a nicer fill than lowering the power further and directing to the subject.



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